Taylor R

Class formats I teach: I teach Hot Mat Pilates.

What brings me ALIVE: I feel ALIVE when I embrace the moment. Whether it’s creating, trying something new, or taking in the goodness around me. The pinnacle of my aliveness can be summed up in 3 profound words that are proudly displayed in American homes everywhere; LIVE, LAUGH,LOVE. As simple as those words might seem, they are my reminder that being alive is a privilege and as long as there’s breath in my lungs, I’m going to live life to its FULLEST.

My favorite song: “non of your business” Salt n Peppa. You’ll never find this on my playlist because I wouldn’t be able to teach a class AND not rap every word to this song.

Fun Fact: I have many titles, mom, wife, interior designer, and the girl who has a video on tik tok that got over 3 million views.