Body Alive requires you to cancel at least 24 hours prior to class for all classes. If you do not cancel during this time frame or if you are absent from class, the following will result:

1.) Orange and promotional members will be charged a $10 penalty fee.
2.) Class packs and single class credits will result in the loss of the reserving credit.

If you are added to class from the waitlist, you will receive an email notification. If you are unable to attend after you are added to the class roster, please email us at: info@bodyalivefitness.com to be removed.

Your Home Studio is the studio where you will take the majority of your classes. With our Unlimited Orange Membership, you can take classes at any of our studio locations! Due to the varying pricing per studio, you will be charged the monthly membership rate for the studio you have attended the most in the past 30 days.

  • Orange Members: We offer a 7-day booking window for our members who have a recurring monthly membership.
  • Class Packs: We offer a 5-day booking window for guests using class packs or single drop-in classes.
  • Promotional memberships: We offer a 3-day booking window for promotional guests.

For more information regarding class reservation guidelines, please email us at: info@bodyalivefitness.com

Yes! We require all reservations be made prior to entering the studio. Please note: Orange Members are given first priority to reserve classes 7 days in advance. Non Orange Members can reserve classes 3 days in advance. We encourage you to email us at: info@bodyalivefitness.com with any membership questions.

Yes! All of our memberships are able to be used between our studio locations. Please note that your pricing will reflect the studio you have visited the most in the past 30 days.

If you have a Body Alive account

  • Visit our class schedule here. Filter to the correct studio location and click “reserve” on the class you would like to sign up for. For Crestview Hills schedule, click here.
  • OR, download our Body Alive app!

If you don’t have a Body Alive account

  • Please create an account here. Once you have an account, you can make class purchases and complete your registration.

You must be at least 14 years or older to take any of our class offerings. If you are under 16 years old, we’ll need your parents to sign a consent form in person and participate in the class with you.

Our heated room is kept at 102º F temperature with 40% humidity and our unheated room is kept at 72º-76º F temperature with no humidity. We encourage beginners to take as long as required to allow their bodies to acclimate. We all deal with the heat in different ways. If you feel tired, dizzy or short of breath, we encourage you to pace yourself and even lie down on your mat for a few poses. You’ll find that each time you return, you feel capable of doing more. Many students report that within a few classes, they’ve found a new edge they didn’t even know was there.

Hot Yoga, Hot Mat Pilates, Barre, Body Sculpt, and Power Sculpt

  • Bring: Water, Yoga mat, and a hand towel (optional). 
  • Wear: Comfortable fitted exercise clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture

Body Fusion

  • Bring: Water, Yoga mat, and 1-3 lb weights (optional). 
  • Wear: Comfortable fitted exercise clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture and SHOES!

The instructors at Body Alive are highly trained experts who love working with new students. Our instructors are ready to get you going gently and safely and make sure you get a powerful workout. We believe that getting a proper introduction to your new workout is an essential step to your new, healthy lifestyle. This is why we offer special classes for beginners in Hot Power Yoga, and why our Pilates Alive, Barre Alive, Cardio Alive, and Cycle Alive instructors are delighted to provide modifications for all levels.

Your promotion will not automatically renew or roll over into a membership. Please contact info@bodyalivefitness.com if you would like to become an Unlimited Member when your promotion expires!

You may cancel your membership at any time by completing the contact form 72 hours prior to your renewal date. Our Customer Service team will respond back as soon as possible to confirm your cancellation.

Great! Our members are welcome to bring a friend to class with them! We offer single class drop-ins which can be purchased on our website. In order to do so, please follow the instructions above on how to create an account online. After your friend has a Body Alive account, email info@bodyalivefitness.com to get their spot reserved. 

Yes! We have mats and Yogitoes available for purchase, or you can rent them at the front desk for $5 each.
Sweat and shower towels:
Sweat and shower towels are not available for rental, but can be purchased:

  • Sweat towels- $1
  • Shower towels- $5

Yes! Our Kenwood, Mason, and Crestview Hills studios all have showers for you to use. If you need a towel, it can be purchased at the front desk for $5.

Our studios have lockers and cubbies for you to store your personal belongings inside the lockers and cubbies. If you have smaller items, feel free to still bring them into the studio with you, but we ask that you store any bags or large items in the cubbies or lockers to keep the pathways clear in the studio. We also ask that if you bring your phone into the studio, please make sure it is turned off during class.

To give our staff and instructors time to prepare the studio for upcoming classes, studio doors will be locked until 15 minutes before class time.

We lock our studio doors during class for the safety and security of our students. We recommend getting to the studio 10-15 minutes before class starts so you have enough time to check in and prepare for class.