About us

Welcome to the evolution of Body Alive. We are so happy you’re here!

We started smaller, with an original emphasis on hot yoga from more “traditional” roots, and then we grew! Body Alive came to life through the inspiration of our students and our community of teachers, and the desire of our owners that EVERY person who walked through our doors would feel ALIVE and inspired after experiencing one of our studios. With the addition of Pilates, Barre, Sculpt, Fusion and Challenge, each program became an active, passionate way for ALL students to reach their potential, their goals, and to help each member, each member live their best life.

Our community doesn’t leave anyone behind. We have a STRONG emphasis on accessibility and challenge, meaning that we work you hard, and from all levels.

At Body Alive we love our music! In each class you will experience music that sets the tone, and drives you to let go of the story you came in with that day, and surrender to the effort of class, and leave renewed. “Great Music, Great Sweat, Great Workout” was born through the passion of the connection of music to movement, and music to class type, creating an atmosphere and elevating the class experience.

We are incredibly inspired by our Teachers and Trainers, all of whom are dedicated to you, and the story you bring through the door. Our teachers come from varied celebrated backgrounds and undergo intense certification in-house, all of which are recognized by ACE fitness, a leader in industry standards.

Knowing that life can be busy, and that your time and business is invaluable to us, it is our intense desire to ignite your personal fire in our pristine studios, and to connect you to our beloved community in a way that fits your schedule and your budget. Every time we do something to better our lives and our health we leave stronger, refreshed and changed for the better, whether we believe today was our best effort or not.

When you unroll your mat, or lace up your shoes, and tie your hair back for class – we’ve got you, we’re going to go places together.

Stephanie Bain, Owner