Training & Development

Meet our Team!

Who We Are! 
Body Alive’s Training is rooted in anatomy and inspiration!  We believe that to truly move people you need to empower and encourage students to be their strongest and brightest selves, both on the inside and the outside.  Our training program teaches you the exercises, our formats, how to use music and motivation to create a powerful class and most importantly how to unleash YOUR authentic strength, fire and sparkle.
How to get started!
Ideal candidates are students who love Body Alive classes, and want to share their passion for fitness with our bright and lively community.  No experience is necessary; full training is provided.  Email and let us know who you are and what you love about Body Alive!
What will I experience in Group Training?
Training is tailored to the individual based on experience and ability.  Our Trainings are a combination of one-on-one, small group training and certifications.  Our Training provides all formats and playlists with a complete breakdown and anatomical understanding.  Trainees should expect continuous, supportive feedback from our Trainers, and an ongoing relationship of support from our Training Team.  Body Alive’s Trainings are designed to fully prepare you to encompass leadership and let your authentic self SHINE!
What to expect in a Certification?
Certifications are an amazing way to learn more about Body Alive’s path to becoming an Instructor.  In a certification you will learn alongside fellow fitness lovers how to teach a Body Alive class and infuse your own authentic approach.  These one to two day long sessions will fire up your physicality, connect you to our Training Team and community, and invite you to explore your strengths on a deeper level.  Our certifications are recognized with ACE, and the YA where applicable.
What to expect in Small Group Training?
These more intimate groups are scheduled more frequently to work within our Trainee’s schedules.  In these groups you will be able to practice teach, ask specific questions, and learn how to use methodology to teach a strong and effective class.  Small group training is more conversational than a certification and a great way to dig deeper into the BA way.
We look forward to sweating with you!