Body Alive Loveland Lagree



Limited Time Offer – $7 Loveland Lagree Credits!

“The Lagree Method,” a high-intensity, low-impact exercise method, tightens, strengthens, and tones in as little as 30-minutes a session by incorporating bodybuilding principles, such as Time Under Tension, which removes breaks from workouts and grants users the ability to sweat, shake, and persevere through the total duration of every class. In addition, many Lagree movements incorporate the use of 600 muscles at once, making this method even more time-efficient for those on the go and those looking for quick but lasting results.

Body Alive Loveland Lagree is located at 10565 Loveland Madeira Rd, in Loveland, OH. We are located beside Starbucks at the corner of Kemper and Loveland Madeira Rd.

Body Alive Loveland Lagree will offer 50 minute and 30 minute unheated Lagree classes. 

Visit our class schedule here. Filter to the correct studio location and click “reserve” on the class you would like to sign up for. OR, download our Body Alive app!

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Lagree is separate from our other memberships – you can purchase credits, class packs, or a membership for Lagree!

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