14 Hot Mat Pilates classes
per week!

The Body Alive Pilates Mat program is a great addition to the current high energy workouts offered at our studios. Expect to move through a challenging series of core exercises while utilizing small props in the hot room. You’ll experience a full body workout with extreme focus on core muscles in just 45 minutes.




What is Hot Mat Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise which emphasizes balanced muscle development through core strength, flexibility, and body awareness. It includes exercises for every part of the body and applications for every kind of activity. Mat Pilates borrows from disciplines such as dance, yoga and classic calisthenics. The Body Alive Pilates Mat program is a great addition to the current high energy workouts offered at our studios. 


Benefits of Hot Mat Pilates include:

increased strength and flexibility, an evenly conditioned body, prevention of injuries such as low back pain, train muscle groups to move effectively, improve performance in high impact workouts.


What To Bring

Bring a mat, water, and comfortable clothes.  No shoes are required for this class, but you may wear socks that have a non-slip sole if you prefer.

Heat / Humidity

Our hot room is kept at 102º F temperature with 40% humidity.


What To Expect

You should expect to move through a challenging flow with a focus on the core muscles while utilizing small props in our heated studio.

Frequently Asked Questions:


I'm new to the hot room. What should I expect?

We promise, you’re going to love it! The key is in finding your pace. Our hot studio is kept at 102 degrees and 40 percent humidity, so for classes in our hot room, we encourage beginners to take as long as required to allow their bodies to acclimate. Many students report that within a few classes, they’ve found a new edge they didn’t even know was there. We all deal with the heat in different ways. If you feel tired or short of breath, we encourage you to pace yourself; move more slowly or lie down on your mat for a few exercises. You’ll find that each time you return you feel capable of doing more.

I've heard Pilates isn't hard. Is this true?

NO! Somewhere along the line, Pilates got a bad wrap for being an “easy” workout. We can promise that is NOT the case at Body Alive. Although every class is beginner friendly and modifications will be offered for advanced movements, plan to break a sweat. With the combination of the heated room and our quick challenging flow, you’ll leave feeling challenged but ready for more.

Is Pilates different than Yoga?

Pilates and Yoga are two very different methods of movement. Our Hot Power Yoga class is designed to increase your stamina, strength, flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Our Hot Mat Pilates program will also improve your strength, stamina and flexibility but we will put an extreme focus on your core muscles during class. Building strength in your core will train all muscle groups to move effectively and improve performance in high impact workouts.

Can men do Pilates?

YES, men are welcome!  Remember, Pilates was created by a man and later adapted for women. We tend to have more women in our classes at Body Alive but men do attend regularly.

Hot Mat Pilates Schedule

Body Alive Oakley
Body Alive Kenwood
Body Alive Mason
Monday at 7:15am
Thursday at 4:00pm
Monday at 2:00pm
Monday at 10:45am
Friday at 10:45am
Tuesday at 8:15am
Tuesday at 2:00pm
Friday at 2:00pm
Tuesday at 10:45am
Wednesday at 7:15am
Wednesday at 2:00pm
Wednesday at 10:45am
Thursday at 7:15am
Thursday at 10:45am