Why I love teaching:
I love teaching because I can make connections and reach so many people through one class. I love being there to support and guide each member through their own, unique wellness journey!

The music that makes me feel “alive”:
I am ALWAYS listening to music. Creating a bumpin’ playlist for each class is my favorite thing to do! In my classes, you may hear some 2000’s throwbacks, current top hits, and maybe even some country (just trust me on that one!)

How fitness has changed my life:
My best ideas are a result of a good workout. Working on my fitness has changed my body and my mind.

Why I love Body Alive:
The Body Alive community is truly one big family. The instructors and members are really what makes Body Alive stand out. Between yoga, pilates, sculpt and the many other classes offered, you are challenged and pushed in a new way each class. The Body Alive family is the best!