Why I love teaching:

I believe fitness is for everybody and I enjoy being a part of each person’s journey in fitness. As an Occupational Therapy student, I work everyday to give people access to daily activities. I’ve learned the immense importance of having things that bring meaning to our lives. When I teach at Body Alive I get to help people grow physically and mentally while finding their passion in movement.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I am a swiftie at heart, but I love any music with a great beat!

How fitness changed my life:

My background in dance has kept me moving throughout my life. After earning a degree in dance I found yoga and fitness. I immediately fell in love with the community of group fitness and the energy in the studio. I have found so much growth within myself, my mental health and confidence have improved greatly through fitness.

Why I love Body Alive:

I love Body alive because of the amazing people who love, encourage, and support each other during each class. I am always inspired to see the strength and growth each person brings to the studio. This is what makes Body Alive truly special.