Why I love teaching:
I love teaching yoga because it is a space for many people to just be. So much is always expected of us, and for this one hour in the day, you just show up. It has always been such a vital part of my mental and physical health and it is a joy to get to facilitate that time for others.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:
I love any music that has meaningful lyrics to relate to throughout the practice. And anything with a good beat that hits right when you don’t think you have any more to give and the music carries you through!

How yoga and fitness have changed my life:
I have always loved working out and being active. It helps me to be better in all the different roles I carry. Whenever I’m feeling down it’s likely because I haven’t moved my body enough!

Why I love Body Alive:
I love the positive and encouraging environment! I love that no matter what class you take you are going to get an awesome workout! I’m so thankful to have found this Body Alive family!