Why I love teaching: I love teaching!  It is a blessing to be able to motivate and lead others to their goals .  There are so many lessons to be learned through moving and challenging our bodies.  To be able to walk alongside someone in their journey, offering encouragement and positivity, is a beautiful thing to witness.

The music that makes me feel alive: Anything with a solid beat makes me want to move…the really good stuff makes smiling hard to resist.  I also appreciate the artistry of storytelling in music…the lyrics that are relatable to all of us.  When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me on the mat rocking a combo of yoga/pilates and karaoke.

How fitness has changed my life: Running has always been my passion and been therapeutic mentally and physically.  Yoga, pilates and barre have made me stronger in every aspect.   Fitness has given me the gift of a strong body that allows me to do ALL of the things, a clear and focused mind, and a fiercely resilient spirit.

Body Alive is a special place: The people, the passion, the community of support are just a few of the things that make our family unique.  BA is a place where we work in our own bodies, but exchange crazy feelings of good energy that is contagious. We all share the common goal of working toward the best version of ourselves and we have an amazing community of love and support.