Alyssa B.

Why I love teaching: I love teaching at BA for SO many reasons; seeing a person come through the door for the first time and then watching them as they grow in their practice over the course of days, months, and years is beyond inspiring and gratifying. Our community of teachers and students could not be more amazing and supportive.

The music that makes me feel “alive”: I am a trained musician and I LOVE music; if you take my classes, you know I have very eclectic music tastes! Anything with a sick beat that I can groove to gets me up and moving. My favorite song right now is Hello Happiness by Chaka Khan.

How fitness changed my life: I never enjoyed structured exercise until I found yoga, and then when I found it I really fell in love and it changed my whole perspective on fitness. Now I love to teach it all and I love to practice it all – yoga, pilates, dance, sculpt, etc – and can’t seem to stop!

Why I love Body Alive: What I love about Body Alive is all in the name – as cheesy as it may sound to say, our brand of fitness really does bring people ALIVE not only physically but in their hearts and minds as well. It’s not a competition; it’s about being the best “you” possible. No matter what else is going on in my life and in the world, I am always excited to be at BA.