The TV Class Experience


Your Favorite Workouts. Your Favorite Instructors.

HD TVs have been installed in our heated studios, giving members the option to take pre-recorded, filmed classes from their favorite Body Alive instructors! This format allows us to supplement our current class offerings, as well as avoid class cancellations if an instructor is not available. Although the instructor isn’t physically in the room with you, members can still expect a sweat-inducing, high-energy workout.


Taped TV classes feature Body Alive staples like Hot Power Yoga, Hot Mat Pilates, Hot Yoga Sculpt, Hot Body Challenge, and Barre.

Perfect for Beginners!

If you feel intimidated by walking into a room filled with seasoned members, TV classes are a great place to start! These classes are filmed with beginners in mind and are offered during non-traditional class times- so they’re typically not as crowded.

Just like any of our other heated classes, the hot studio is kept at 102 degrees and 40 percent humidity. We encourage beginners to take as long as required to allow their bodies to acclimate. For your safety, our instructors will offer more beginner-friendly poses in our TV classes, as well as modifications to help you ease into new moves. If you need to take a break at any time, listen to your body and pace yourself! 


What To Bring

In-Studio: Yoga mat, water, sweat towel, and yoga towel are all recommended. You’ll need ample water and non-binding clothing that you don’t mind getting sweaty.  Shoes are prohibited in the yoga room, but you may wear socks that have a non-slip sole. Be sure to hydrate before and after class!

Heat / Humidity

Our hot studio is kept at 102 degrees and 40 percent humidity. It can take up to five classes to find where your edge really is with the hot practice. We encourage beginners to learn this about themselves gently by taking it easy for up to five classes to allow their bodies to acclimate.

What To Expect

We all deal with the heat in different ways. If you feel tired, dizzy or short of breath, we encourage you to pace yourself and even lie down on your mat for a few poses. You’ll find that each time you return, you feel capable of doing more.

How is This Different From Other Classes?

TV classes are the same workout with your favorite instructors but instead of them being in the room with you, they’ll be broadcasted from one of our high-definition TVs in the heated room.

How Much Do TV Classes Cost?

If you’re not on a monthly membership, the pricing for TV classes is listed below:
Monthly Unlimited – $30/month
Single Drop-In – $8
5 Class Pass – $25
10 Class Pass – $40

Can I Use My Membership?

If you’re on an Unlimited Body Alive membership, the TV classes will be included. If you’re not a member, you can purchase a membership or class packs just for TV classes.