Special Pricing

Who qualifies:
Students +  Educational, Public, and Non Profit Employees + Military Families

First month only $30!
Following months auto-renew at special pricing of $60.

Type Price Cost / Class
MONTHLY PLANS (auto-renew)
Unlimited Monthly $60 $3.00 (5 classes/wk)
$3.75 (4 classes/wk)
$5.00 (3 classes/wk)

Valid at the Kenwood and Oakley studios.
Monthly plans do not include cycle classes.

To purchase, stop by one of our studios with verification of your student status, non-profit/public/educational employment, or military status.

Memberships are set up as a recurring monthly auto-pay charge.
Membership can be terminated at any time. To ensure that you are not charged for the upcoming month, you must email a membership termination request to info@bodyalivefitness.com before the date of your scheduled auto-pay. Body Alive does not issue refunds.