Why I love teaching:
-I love chatting and hanging out with people, and I LOVE movement; it’s the best of both worlds!
The music that makes me feel alive:
-I love it all!  Pop, rock, folk, country, hip hop, bring it all on!
How fitness changed my life:
-It’s a deep, long story, but to try and sum it up, fitness is part of my ultimate health plan.  Having battled a rare auto-immune liver disease and depression for most of my life, it’s my fitness, faith, family and commitment to FUN that gets me up every day loving life!
Why I love BA:
-The energy of our amazing team is magnetic; a group of super humans who believe in “life changing fitness” that inspires people to live their best lives!
Steph is an ERYT 500 YACEP with the Yoga Alliance, and is certified through ACE as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach, and has completed her training in Pilates Mat through Pilates Unlimited.  She trained for years in dance and completed many various fitness certifications, in addition to training multiple styles of yoga, and nutrition.