Why I love teaching:
As an educator and counselor by craft, teaching has always been my passion. It is when I feel most alive and most connected – doing the greatest good that I can. Being able to see students make connections and achieve their fitness goals is an intimate space that I feel privileged to share in.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:
Another reason I knew Body Alive was for me – THE MUSIC. My life is a colorful soundtrack that is fueled and guided by music. Without good music, the experience is not complete. With the wrong music, the experience is more frustrating than rewarding. I have always found Body Alive to use music as the powerful tool that it is – a motivator, a whisper, or a shout that can transport a moment to another level. And Body Alive is truly NEXT LEVEL!

How fitness has changed my life:
Yoga changes the story that we tell ourselves. No matter the phase of my life, fitness has been the thread that has allowed me to pull through that phase a better version of myself than when I started. Through fitness, it is possible to make steady progress in the direction that we want to go in life. Through yoga, we learn to be the calm in any storm – and as we know – life is made up of many little storms and we must constantly train for the physical and mental storms of life.

Why I love Body Alive:
Moving to Cincinnati in 2015 after having spent 15 years living in the glorious plumeria kissed air of Honolulu, HI and the humid heat of Sarasota, FL – my body desperately needed the heat. Although my yoga practice had never been elevated to hot yoga, it was something that I very quickly adapted to and became in love with! Being surrounded by compassionate, powerful yogis with a genuine fire for the art of the push and the surrender – felt more like home than any studio I had ever practiced. When the option is available to reach a yogi physically, cerebrally, and emotionally – true life long impact can be felt. Body Alive hooked me on all of the levels.