Emma C

Why I love teaching:
Teaching is something that I have always felt drawn to! As an early childhood educator, I love being a part of the foundational experiences for a child. As a fitness instructor, I love being a part of the moments of empowerment. Having the opportunity to support and guide in someone’s journey to being their best self is so rewarding!

The music that makes me feel “alive”:
The spectrum of music that gets me going is quite wide and sometimes wild, but I can get behind anything with a strong beat and solid lyrics! I love the way music connects to so many memories and times in my life while also bringing it alive in the moment!

How fitness has changed my life:
Fitness has become the best hobby and passion with the routine and fun that it has given me. As I’ve leaned into fitness I have found a balance in my life and a confidence within myself! There is nothing like shutting out the rest of the world during a class – it has transformed my physical and mental health in such a valuable way.

Why I love Body Alive:
I love Body Alive for the sense community! There is so much strength to be found in the individuals and community as a whole. Body Alive is such a happy place for me!