Why I love teaching:
I love teaching because I love sharing my passion for fitness and helping others in their fitness journey. It is so inspiring to see others push themselves to new levels and grow stronger together!

The music that makes me feel “alive”:
I’m definitely a big Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga fan, but anything with big beat drops that makes me want to dance makes me feel the most alive! I always LOVE a good remix!

How fitness has changed my life:
Fitness has always been very therapeutic to me. No matter what kind of workout I am doing from cardio to yoga, it allows me to clear my mind and focus on the positive energy that surrounds me. Fitness has helped me to see my inner and outer strength and helped me discover a new found confidence within myself.

Why I love Body Alive:
I first fell in love with Body Alive when I came to my first barre class, after that I became addicted to coming to all their classes! The workouts are not only challenging, but they are SO much fun and really push you to find your strongest self. There is so many things to love about Body Alive, but the amazing community and energy that BA offers is something that you truly cannot find anywhere else.