Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Why Hydration is So Important

Jun 7, 2021

When it comes to hydrating the body, there are many more ways to do so than just drinking tons of water all day. Seeing as staying hydrated is crucial to keep your body functioning optimally and perform on a daily basis, it’s important to note the other ways you can supply your body with water- especially if you’re taking our heated classes multiple times a week.

If you’re tired of putting 20 little yellow post-it notes around your office or house reminding you to drink more water (and not just coffee), then the ideas in this article will be perfect for you. 

Key Benefits of Hydration

Staying hydrated is crucial to keep the body functioning optimally. According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, staying hydrated is critical in regulating body temperature, keeping joints lubricated, preventing infections, delivering nutrients to cells, and keeping organs functioning properly. Here some of our favorite health benefits to staying adequately hydrated:

Helps to improve physical performance. 

Because of the increased temperature many of our classes offer, we sweat a lot at Body Alive. When exercising and sweating, it’s crucial to replace the water the body loses by drinking an accurate amount of water. By doing this you’re helping to prolong your workout and optimal bodily function.

Increases energy levels and brain function. 

When we supply our body with enough water, everything operates better. When our body is functioning optimally, we are energized, and our head is clear. After all, the body and brain are made up mostly of water! 

Helps prevent and even treat headaches. 

As we all know headaches are a major side effect of being dehydrated. A quick fix is drinking water or drinking something that has a high concentration of electrolytes, such as coconut water or a sports drink.  

Regulates digestion and bowel movements. 

If you combine eating accurate amounts of fiber and drinking adequate water, the body should work properly in terms of digestion and elimination. 

Can assist in losing weight. 

Drinking plenty of water keeps you satiated thus lower the overall number of calories you consume throughout the day. However, it does not supply nutrients as food does so make sure you’re fueling your body properly and not trading your meals for water.

Clever Ways to Stay Hydrated

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of staying hydrated, let’s talk about the methods of doing so. Although one of the simplest ways is to buy a super big water bottle and make sure to finish a couple of them within a day, the taste of plain old water can get quite boring and unenticing. 

Try Sparkling Water for Hydration

When plain water just isn’t cutting it anymore, there’s also sparkling water or flavor-enhancing drops that can be added and won’t add calories or unnecessary sugars. If you don’t wish to add any flavor enhancing drops, try adding frozen blueberries or strawberries, or the timeless lemon slice. This adds flavor and keeps the water cold while sneaking in a serving of fruit. 

Add Fruit to Enhance Your Water’s Flavor

Fruit not only adds flavor to the water, but many types of fruit are also hydrating all by themselves. The fruit (and some vegetables) at the top of this list, according to an article from Daily Beast, are watermelon, celery, cucumbers, strawberries, and iceberg lettuce. Our diets usually provide about 20% of our daily hydration needs. Sneaking them into a smoothie makes it even easier and can be a delicious meal or snack.   

Set Daily Reminders on Your Phone to Drink Water

One of the simplest ways to remind yourself to keep drinking water is to set timers on your phone or watch, whichever you use more regularly. If you are the owner of a Fitbit, even they can remind you! There are also apps you can download with specified reminders. This can be done through the Apple Health app, MyFitnessPal, My Water & Drink Reminder, Waterlogged, Plant Nanny, and many more. 

Keep Plenty of Water Nearby to Gulp

As previously mentioned, one of the more simple and straightforward methods of staying hydrated is to buy a super big water bottle and refill it a couple of times throughout the day. The number of times to refill depends on the size of the bottle. These bottles can be found in most convenient stores, some grocery stores, and online retailers such as Amazon. Some of them have little markers on the bottle with words of motivation for you to keep going over time until the bottle is finished. 

The bottom line is that drinking plenty of water is key when it comes to feeling our best. Whether you’re breaking a sweat or not, make hydration a top priority- you will absolutely reap the benefits and notice a difference in your overall health.

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