What Should I Bring to a Body Alive Class?

Aug 20, 2021

If you’re new to BA (or group fitness in general) it can be a little intimidating to come to a new class type! If you’re anything like us, you like to be prepared. So we’ve created a shortlist for you of what you should expect and bring for every BA class! 


Hot Yoga: 

Did you know that Body Alive started as a hot yoga studio? Though we love all of our classes, hot yoga is central to who we are at Body Alive! If you’ve never taken a heated class before, make sure to ease yourself in—it takes your body time to adjust to the intensity of the heat! If you’ve signed up for your first BA Hot Yoga class, be sure to bring: 

  • Water: (Don’t forget this one!) It’s SO important to stay hydrated! Especially before, during, and after a hot class! 
  • Yoga Mat: if you don’t have one (or if you forget yours at home) we always have mats in the studio to rent or purchase! 
  • Hand Towel: You don’t have to have a hand towel, but trust us when we say it’s going to be sweaty! Don’t worry, at BA we believe sweat is magic! 
  • What to wear: Wear comfortable clothes—preferably wicked. 


Hot Mat Pilates:

Get ready to crank up the heat and intensity with our Hot Mat Pilates classes! We love a good total body workout during any of our pilates classes at BA! Many of our instructors use props during pilates classes, but don’t worry, we always have props (including bands, balls, and rings) to use for free in our studio. If you’ve signed up for your first Hot Mat Pilates class, be sure to bring: 

  • Water: (Remember to stay hydrated!) Maybe even bring your water in a cute BA bottle from our store.  
  • Yoga Mat: If you don’t have one with you we always have mats in the studio to rent or purchase! 
  • Hand Towel: Optional, but trust us when we say you’ll use it!  
  • What to wear: Wear comfortable exercise clothes.



The smallest movements often lead to the BIGGEST changes, especially when you use ALL of your muscles. Barre Alive will have you pulsing, stretching, and squatting your way to healthy, lean muscle tone. Our gender-inclusive Barre classes utilize isotonic exercises proven to build strength and lead to increased metabolism, and fat burning. Expect to use the Barre, your mat, and lots of energy as you burn, shake, and plie to your strongest self. If you’ve signed up for your first Barre class, be sure to bring: 

  • Water: (Noticing a theme?) No matter the workout, it’s so important to keep your body going! There is nothing like a cool sip of water in the middle of a Barre class! 
  • Yoga Mat: Always available in-studio for rent or purchase if you don’t have your own 
  • Hand Towel: Though our Barre room isn’t heated, you can still expect to work up a sweat! 
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing (preferably something wicked), and though no shoes are required for this class, you may wear socks with a non-slip sole if you wish. 


Body Sculpt:

Hot Body Sculpt is a member favorite and one of our more challenging classes. In this fitness class, you will test your strength and flexibility with a combination of yoga postures, and free weights. Strength training moves, such as; squats, lunges, and bicep curls are incorporated to build long, lean muscles. Hot Body Sculpt is a beat-based class, so come prepared to enjoy some upbeat music and get a great sweat! If you’re a Body Sculpt first-timer, be sure to bring:

  • Water: agua, l’eau, acqua, vatn… no matter what you call it, we want you to drink it and stay hydrated! 
  • Yoga Mat: While we do have them available in-studio for rent or purchase, most of our members like to bring their own! 
  • Hand Towel: You better believe you’ll work up a sweat in this class! 
  • Wear: Comfortable fitted exercise clothes. 


Body Challenge: 

Hot Body Challenge is the definition of high-energy, hot fitness! In our most challenging heated class, you’ll work every muscle, break a serious sweat, and push yourself to your limits in this high-intensity strength training class. You’ll quickly discover why it’s called Challenge!

  • Water: You guessed it! We don’t call it “Challenge” because it’s easy, and you’ll definitely need to have your water with you in class! 
  • Yoga Mat: Bring your own, or rent one from our studio! 
  • Hand Towel: Unless you just really like to sweat. 
  • Wear: exercise clothes (ideally wicked). 


Body Fusion:

Our 45 or 60 minute Body Fusion classes provide a TOTAL BODY workout designed to tone and lengthen muscles, increase cardiovascular endurance, and promote overall wellness. Our instructors will inspire you through a high-energy class, utilizing interval training to get your heart pumping and the sweat flowing. Squats, kicks, punches, burpees, and more will challenge you to become the strongest version of yourself. Ready, set, SWEAT with our Body Fusion classes!

  • Water: You’ll want to drink up in this class! 
  • Yoga Mat: Always available to rent in-studio if you don’t have your own
  • Weights: 1-3lbs, though feel free to take the class without them! It’s still a great workout. 
  • Wear: Comfortable fitted exercise clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture and SHOES!



Ready to have a blast bouncing to beat!? This low-impact, trampoline-based workout will get your heart rate soaring and work every muscle in your body. Using high-quality rebounders, we practice pushing into the trampoline to create tension; resulting in anaerobic bursts to activate your metabolism all day long. Our Bounce classes are high-intensity and high FUN, and certain to keep you coming back for more cardio!

  • Water: Don’t forget to take a sip while you bounce!  
  • Wear: Comfortable fitted exercise clothes, and sticky socks (available for purchase) 


Cycle Alive: 

Cycle Alive is indoor cycling at its finest! Our state-of-the-art Schwinn AC Performance bikes are designed with every rider in mind; Beginner to Advanced. So, whether you’re saddling up for the first time, or have been riding for years, our Cycle Alive classes will help you find your edge and keep going because the only thing heavier than resistance is regret. We believe the best classes use as many major muscle groups as possible- get ready to engage your core, work your arms, and get your legs pumping for a cycle experience like no other!

  • Water: We want all of our students to drink lots of water! 
  • Shoes: We recommend cycling shoes, but if you do not have them, tennis shoes are great.
  • Wear: comfortable clothes.
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