Destiny Howard1.) Tell us about yourself:

I came to hot yoga on a dare over a year ago, looking for a new fitness experience. I have always been interested the idea of yoga but didn’t think it was practical for me. I have grown to really love how I feel when I do yoga considering I am pursuing a graduate degree while working full time I need a way to relax! Besides yoga I have taken up running and light weight training. MY spiritual connection to God is most important and I appreciate the quiet moments in class when I can just really open up and receive His love. I hope to finish my degree this December and enjoy whatever comes next!

2.) How long have you been coming to Yoga Alive? How long have you been a trade?

I came to YA May of 2014 on a new student special then liked it so much that a friend bought me the Groupon. I’m not quite sure when I started trading, I believe it was in the fall of 2014 on Tuesday nights. It is such a great way to get to know the teachers and get extra tips for a better practice.

3.) Tell us something we don’t know:

A few months ago I decided to make my own shea body butter, soap, and lip balm. I like it a lot and have been able to share with friends. I continue to explore essential oil blends and aroma therapy as a way to calm my mind and relax.

4.) Favorite yoga pose?:

Pretty much any hip opener. I feel like a brand new woman when I am done.

5.) Three words someone else would use to describe you:

Fun, energetic, structured

6.) Favorite hobby:

Eating snacks

7.) What are the biggest changes you have noticed in yourself since you have been coming to Yoga Alive?:

Learning how to be present in the here and now. I’m still working on it but I am more aware of when I am spending too much time in the past or anxious about the future. It is really ok to be who I am right now.