The Evolution of Body Alive: Life-Changing Fitness

Jul 30, 2021

Stephanie Bain, Body Alive Owner & Master Trainer

Stephanie is an ERYT-500 YACEP, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, ACE Certified Health Coach, Food Coach (Holistic Nutrition), Dance Teacher, Certified Dance Fitness Instructor, and Barre Instructor. She has led thousands of classes, as well as many trainings and certifications.

Many of you know that our studios used to be called “Yoga Alive,” with a fiery Lotus on top of those two words, beckoning you to your class that drew you towards the change you craved.  That Lotus was created with the image of heat, not just the temperature of the hot room, but of the flame that flickers inside all of us.

Body Alive became a more relevant name when Barre, Cycle, Fusion, Bounce, and Training became solid fixtures within the four walls and so that next level of “Alive,” that intangible passion came to fruition. With newer classes being in an unheated space, and the expansion to more than an exclusively yoga environment, a new logo was discussed.

I was passionate. The very name Alive resonated because whenever you watch another human being lit up with what inspires them, drives them, and celebrates their life, they will tell you; “It makes me feel so ALIVE!” This logo in my head and in my heart had to reflect the joy, the strength, the tears, the vehement power of life that had inspired the walls to come up in the first place. I got to drawing. With pen to paper I knew, the logo just had to be a student in a runner’s lunge (so powerful!), with a heart blazing out of their chest, burning bright. Think of Superman when he rips open his shirt before bursting out into the atmosphere to boldly save humanity.

But, um, that didn’t translate so well into art…

I realized that our logo- strong and solid was a perfect anchor. Really it was the core of our business that encaptured that blazing sun in the student’s heart. That bright light ran through our studios regardless. It was our secret logo that wasn’t so secret. It was in the hearts of our teachers, our classes, our trades, and our space. It was in the breath that every student took, every student who showed up to sweat and to choose positive change. That flame-  it burns so brightly in all of us, we just need a gentle reminder, a little push, and a community to rely on.

Body Alive was created to help each student step beyond their comfort zone, to that place of change, of connection to the innate power of the self. Our walls echo with the pursuit of your excellence and the glory of your perseverance.

Every moment that we live we are, of course, technically “alive,” but to truly embrace the word is to live with a passion that consumes you, that leads you to your destiny, that captures your unique strength and message and amplifies it out to the world.

Life-Changing Fitness happens when you are inspired, invigorated, and encouraged to move past your comfort zone. Life-Changing Fitness is when you realize how powerful you truly are.  It’s the sun blazing inside you, inviting the positive change you crave into your life. Strong bodies can create strong minds and compassionate hearts. Body Alive’s goal is to meet you on your mat, your bike, your piece of the barre, and ignite your passionate heart.

To paraphrase Gandhi, “Be the love, the passion and the strength you wish to see in the world.” Let the others judge, berate or criticize while you live your life Alive in the dance of your beauty, an unstoppable force, immune to negativity and fueled by your power.

Now, let’s get moving!

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