The Benefits of Barre Alive

Jul 9, 2021

If you are a barre enthusiast, you probably have noticed the benefits of barre (and felt the burn!) of this low-impact, beat-based class. 

Body Alive Barre instructor, Emily Farrell says, “Body Alive barre can’t be beat! It’s the first class I ever took at Body Alive, and now the one I could teach 7 days a week. What I love about barre is whether it’s your first class, or your 500th, you’re able to work the big and small movements to get the best burn for you! While incorporating moves at the barre and on your mat, it’s a toning workout like no other, and I love pushing myself and all of our members to take it to that shaking/toning finish line. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is your sign to come party at the barre with us, pulse to the beat, and see what Barre Alive is all about.”

Here are five reasons why you should add Barre to your weekly Body Alive class line-up:

Works Every Muscle Group

When you take a barre class at Body Alive, you are working out and hitting every muscle group! Barre Alive will have you pulsing, stretching, and squatting your way to a healthy, lean muscle tone. Barre is great for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

Barre Alive classes offer all of the benefits of a ballet dancer’s workout – without attempting a pirouette. We focus on challenging the whole body on the mat and at the ballet barre. Barre Alive workouts consist of low-impact, high-intensity training that concentrates on strengthening your entire body. 

Many people love barre because it strengthens your muscles and gives your body a lean and toned look. The small muscle movements used during barre classes build and strengthen your core, arms, thighs, and pelvic floor – all in one session! This can be especially helpful for postpartum mothers looking to bounce back with small body movements.

Builds Overall Strength

Whether you’re in the studio or tuning in from home, you will use small, isolated movements to get a full-body workout at Barre Alive! The smallest movements often lead to the biggest changes, especially when you use ALL of your muscles. It might feel small, but trust us, you’ll feel the burn!

Our gender-inclusive barre classes use isotonic exercises proven to build strength and lead to increased metabolism. It will have you pulsing, squatting, and stretching to give you lean, toned muscles. The combination of stretching and the focus on posture allows your flexibility to be pushed to the limit with Barre Alive!

Barre can be a great form of cross-training to maintain strength and improve overall health. It is a super-powerful, whole-body training that is for everyone of all levels. Each class helps to build strength, alignment, tone, and elongate your muscles. Expect to use the Barre, your mat, and lots of energy as you burn, shake, and plie to your strongest self!

Improves Posture

Strengthening and toning ALL of your muscles will lead to improved posture. Barre can reduce the pressure on your spine, which reduces the chance of back pain and injury. Altogether it could improve your posture, balance, and coordination!

Barre workouts will target the muscles in your chest and shoulders, which prevents your upper body from slouching. A 2020 study reported that doing barre workout for 50 minutes twice per week for 12 weeks significantly improved head, shoulder, and pelvic posture. After a few Body Alive Barre classes, you’ll feel like an elongated, stronger version of yourself!

Increases Flexibility

If you’re looking to increase your flexibility, add Barre classes to your routine! Barre helps strengthen glute muscles, which improves flexibility, and tightens up our peachy rear behinds. But more importantly, working on your glutes helps alleviate pressure on your back, hips, and knees, resulting in fewer potential injuries and improving physical performance.

Barre classes strengthen muscles that help you keep your joints flexible. By no means do you need to be the most graceful, swan-lake ballerina at the barre? The movements are easy for all levels, and once you take a few classes, you’ll be surprised at how your flexibility increases and your core tightens! (hello, looser-fitting jeans!)

Reduces Stress and Builds Mental Stamina

We know that exercise, in general, helps reduce stress and uplift moods. Barre workouts sit somewhere in between high-intensity training (HIIT, pilates) and yoga.

Barre Alive mentally challenges you by adding small muscle movements as you move and try to stay engaged throughout the session. You might find yourself being quick on your feet when it comes to problem-solving after your Barre Alive class. By attending Barre Alive classes, you’ll feel more calm, relaxed, and uplifted. Harvard Medical School reported that combining low-intensity mind-body exercises like yoga and cardio improves overall brain health.

Meet us at the Barre

Our Barre Alive classes combine the essence of yoga and pilates. Cincinnati Barre Alive classes work out every muscle group and help you feel calm and mindful afterward. 

Dress comfortably for Barre Alive. Bring a mat, a small towel, and water. No shoes are required. You can be either barefoot or wear socks with slip-resistant soles.

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