The four curves of the spice balance the two primary functions of our skeletal system: Stability and mobility. 

 The four curves: comprised of 24 vertebrae
  • Cervical Spine – topmost curve – comprised of 7 vertebrae in the neck
  • Thoracic Spine – 12 vertebrae to which the ribs attach
  • Lumbar Curve – 5 vertebrae – the largest vertebrae of the spine
  • Sacrum – bottom most curve – 5 fused vertebrae followed by 4 fused vertebrae in the coccyx.
  • The bottommost curve of the spine joins with the pelvis and serves as the back of the pelvic bowl.
There are generally thought to be four possible movements of the spine: flexion, extension, axial rotation (twisting), and lateral flexion (side bending)
  • Bending to tie your shoes – flexion
  • Reaching for something on a high shelf – extension
  • Grabbing a bag in the car seat behind you – axial rotation
  • Reaching your arm into a sleeve of a coat – lateral flexion
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