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18 Cardio Classes

per week!

Our Cardio Alive classes are a complete body workout designed to strengthen your cardiovascular system, tone and lengthen your muscles, and assist with balance and flexibility.  Let’s get your heart rate and body moving!

Body Fusion

A TOTAL BODY workout designed to tone and lengthen muscles, increase cardiovascular endurance, and improve flexibility and core strength. This class is the ultimate workout, we use tubes, bands, weights, gliders, and the barre so you are guaranteed to challenge your entire body in one hour.

*Gym Shoes are recommended for extra support during the high impact intervals.*



Break a sweat and get your whole body jumping.  This low impact, high intensity workout will get your heart rate soaring and work every muscle in your body.   Have fun and bounce your way to a stronger you!

*Sticky Socks are recommended for extra support on the trampolines.*


Move your way through 3 minute body blocks. The perfect combo of cardio and toning. You will vary between high and low intensity to jolt the body and give you a great workout!

*Gym Shoes are recommended for extra support during the high impact intervals.*


Body Challenge

Want to get in the best shape of your life?  Lose weight, feel great, and look great with our Body Challenge Class!  This vibrant workout includes stretch and strengthening for a healthier you.  Great music will keep you motivated and our instructors will strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles for an all over body workout. Held in the hot room, so you will definitely get your sweat on.

Room Temperature: 102 Degrees / 40% Humidity

*Must be at least 16 to participate in heated classes


What To Bring

Bring a mat, small towel, water, and comfortable clothes.  No shoes are required for this class, but you may wear socks that have a non-slip sole.

Heat / Humidity

Our Cardio Alive room is kept at a nice 72º-76º F with no humidity.


What To Expect

Our Cardio Alive classes will get right into it and get your heart rate moving.  Instructors will utilize hand weights, resistance bands, and other props so you can challenge yourself to a complete body workout.