Body Alive is a rapidly growing business looking for passionate local investors for new locations in 2019. Our business model allows us to deliver world class service with state-of-the-art studios while providing the most competitive pricing in the industry. Body Alive is a winning proposition.

We are currently looking for investors in the following areas: NKY, Anderson, West Chester , the Westside and Denver, Colorado. 

For more information, email Nick Broerman at nbroerman@bodyalivefitness.com

Class Offerings

The variety of classes offered at Body Alive is unlike anything in the area. While Hot Power Yoga and Barre continue to be our most popular classes, selling out at 80 and 40 people respectively, we also challenge ourselves to be innovative with new class structures. Between Hot Mat Pilates, Body Sculpt, Bounce, and Body Fusion, members will always have the opportunity to mix up their workout routine with something fresh and challenging.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Our BA team is multi-faceted. Our sales team connects and develops relationships with local businesses, schools and community influencers. Social media is managed in house by employees who have a first-hand view of the business as well as outside consulting professionals who ensure we are effectively reaching current and potential members. Our Customer Service Representatives consistently follow up with both new and loyal customers to ensure a quality experience.

Return on Investment

Returns on investment range anywhere from 25% in our first year to 50% in years thereafter. We’re working well before each studio opens to ensure that your ROI is solid from the moment we open our doors.


Overall attendance continues to increase. We’ve seen a 236% increase in total attendance from our first full year in 2013 to now in 2018. We’re averaging over 400 people per day in our Kenwood studio, which has seen a 30% increase from 2017. Oakley’s attendance has increased by 53% from our first month in February to now in November. Oakley has also made a profit since its inception in February and has since been profitable month over month. Now that Mason has opened, with over 200 pre-sold founding memberships, we’re setting our sites on NKY, Anderson, West Chester and the Westside in 2019.



Training Program & Instructors

We recruit and train the city’s top instructors by providing a career in the fitness industry. Most of our instructors are salaried employees with full health benefits and a 401k plan. All salaried employees sign a 2 year non-compete agreement. Because of this commitment, the Body Alive brand is stronger than ever. We offer training to both new and experienced instructors 5 days a week to ensure each one provides support for our beginner students and at the same time, pushes our more advanced students to a new level.

Pricing Model

We are committed to Body Alive being a state-of-the-art studio with highly trained teachers that is financially affordable no matter your economic background. As our price comparison sheet proves, you won’t find a better deal in the area. 


Our members are 92% women, 80% of whom are 20-45 years old with the median age being 28. Our demographic allows us to have a distinct advantage as we grow. As the retail market continues to decline, Body Alive is packing the studio with over four hundred 20-45 year old women per day.

Local Investors

Body Alive’s growth model prioritizes local investors at each studio. We want investors who are passionate about health and fitness, connected within the local community and working out with our members. Ultimately, we want to take Body Alive to the next level with people who share the same values and love for BA as our current team.

Body Alive Oakley Lobby

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Body Alive Mason

Body Alive Mason Lobby