Opinion: Chair Pose is Better for You Than Your Chair

Jun 15, 2021

Susie Celek

Susie Celek is a fiscal specialist in the accounting and budgetary department for Princeton City Schools and has hosted the YouTube show, History In Your Own Backyard for the past 4 years. Body Alive is her favorite place to be during the week, praising each workout as her “Monday through Friday stress relief” while on Sundays she challenges herself by running 10Ks at Miami Whitewater.
Why You Should Make Time for Movement

“My back hurts and my favorite jeans are too tight.” Sound familiar? Confessions like this to our moms and trusted confidants are nothing compared to the uncomfortable conversations we avoid having with ourselves. We know there’s a problem. A painful problem in the age of technology where we sit way too much and don’t strategically move our bodies enough. Our bones, joints, and muscles are begging us to move! While the number on the scale can be painful, this isn’t about weight loss, although that tends to be a pleasant result. This is simply about moving your body in effective ways that allow you to do more of what makes you feel alive.

Study after study provides evidence that sitting puts huge amounts of stress on our back muscles, neck, and spine. Pain in those parts of our bodies makes for pain in every other realm of our lives. Pretty sure the person that coined the acronym “FML” sat for way too long and definitely wasn’t working out at Body Alive LOL!

We work desk jobs, drive our kids to practice, watch them perform, tune into nightly TV shows, occasionally binge a Netflix series, and swap stories during weekend get-togethers. Think about all the time you spend in your chair, however ergonomically correct it might be, it clocks in at least 5-7 hours a day if you work a full time gig. Now, add to that time in the car, on the couch, and at social gatherings. Wow. Sit much?!? The hours add up and the numbers don’t lie, so it’s worth discussing a solution. Lucky for Kentucky, Ohio, and Arizona, there’s Body Alive!

First Things First, Finding the Time:

There are some places that you cannot shave time away from, but identifying the areas where you can and committing those hours towards a few classes a week will get you on your way to relieving your pain from the poisonous seated position.

Secondly, Getting Started Online or In Studio:

I suggest 2-3 classes a week with Body Alive because their instructors provide an environment for both beginners as well as long-time fitness enthusiasts. Each instructor operates from the philosophy that fitness is for EVERYONE and that all students can benefit from moving their bodies, becoming more flexible and less stressed! Each of their guided practices are core tightening sessions that lengthen and tone the entire body. Some classes are loaded with cardio bursts like Body Fusion and some focus on flexibility and strength, like Hot Power Yoga. If you’re new to all this like I was, definitely hit up the Beginner Hot Power Yoga and bring some cold water and a hand towel for the sweat!

It doesn’t matter which classes you pick, but I highly recommend mixing it up with a variety. Each class is going to move your body in a way that walking, weight lifting, and even running can’t do. In Barre, Hot Body Sculpt, Hot Body Challenge, and Body Fusion, you can expect a warm-up, lots of lunging in all directions, planks, arm strengthening, glute toning, ab work, and a quick cool down. Your first few classes will be a little uncomfortable but when you feel like you can’t go on, child’s pose is the perfect breaking point to reset your breath and give your body a quick rest. Even as a seasoned veteran, I occasionally still drop to my knees and forearms during a long plank series and oftentimes use my own body resistance instead of hand weights. The instructors show modifications and they always encourage you to listen to your body and move accordingly. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your 20th class and starting to win the battle against the syndrome of sitting too much.

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