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Provides access to online portal containing Body Alive’s library of online classes. Auto-renews monthly. Body Alive requires 72 hours written notice via email to cancel all memberships before your next bill date. No cancellation fees applied.

Perfect For All Levels

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, these online formats provide a safe and effective way to get in your Body Alive sweat from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re new to Body Alive and our instructors or you’ve been taking Bobby and Sember for years, the online portal is your home away from home while our BA doors are closed.


What To Bring

Whatever you can! A mat, water, and comfortable clothes are recommended. If you don’t have a mat, find a carpeted space to practice on. If you don’t have weights for classes like Body Sculpt or Fusion, feel free to utilize items around your house like soup cans.  Shoes should be worn for Body Fusion. 


In these online classes, we’ll have multiple participants at different fitness levels. The instructor will point out who is doing beginner movements and who is doing more of an advanced class before they get started. 


What To Expect

In our Yoga Alive  classes,  you’ll work through a series of moves designed to tone and lengthen your muscles and improve your balance and strength. You’ll push yourself and come out stronger, more fit, more flexible, and feeling great. In our Barre Alive classes, students will start with a warm-up of stretches, small hand weights, and movement of the body. They will do most of their workout at the barre preforming a variety of moves to tone the entire body. Our Cardio Alive classes will get right into it and get your heart rate moving. Instructors will utilize props that you can substitute with items in your house so you can challenge yourself to a complete body workout.

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