Indoor Cycling 101: Learning the Basics of Cycle Alive

Jun 2, 2021

What is Indoor Cycling at Cycle Alive?: Indoor Cycling is a type of workout offered at Body Alive. It’s a cardio (aerobic) workout led by an instructor, set to music, and lasts around 45 minutes. Everyone has their stationary bike customized to individual heights and can easily follow along with the instructor!

Who is Indoor Cycling for?:

Everyone! Indoor Cycling is ideal for people who want a motivating workout that they can take at their own pace. Whether you’re new to group fitness or a seasoned vet, Body Alive instructors will lead you through every move you do on the bike. Like any Body Alive class, you’ll be encouraged to take it at your own pace! Cycling is low-impact, so it’s perfect for those with joint problems, and whoever wants to balance out their higher-impact exercises (like running).

What Should I Expect at Cycle Alive: 

Expect to have a full-body workout! We hit every major muscle group for a cycle experience like no other.

Watch your instructor who sits at the front of the class. They will give you general guidelines about what to do for an effective workout. They will announce how much resistance to add, how fast to pedal, how hard you should be working, and when to do specific movements (like standing, sitting, sprinting, etc.). 

These cues should motivate you. It’s up to you to work out at your level and pay attention to how you feel. Sometimes in a small class, everyone feels a bit of pressure to keep up, but Cycle Alive is in a dark room where the only thing you have to focus on is YOU!

If you’re new to Cycle Alive, remember that it will take a few weeks to build up your fitness level not to feel exhausted by the entire class. Just make sure to honor your body and work at a lower intensity until you get the hang of it.

At Cycle Alive, you can expect to feel fatigued throughout your leg muscles —even if you’re used to working out in general. But no matter what, don’t stop pedaling! Suddenly stopping any kind of exercise could cause risks (like passing out and lightheadedness). If you get tired, you can reduce your resistance and slow down to catch your breath. 

You will also feel some saddle soreness from the seat, and that’s very normal. After you come to class regularly, that soreness will go away for most people. If it helps, stand up out of the seat a little bit when you need a break. You can also adjust your position in the saddle and take “posture breaks,” where you stop reaching forward to the handlebars to sit upright in your seat.

What Should I Wear to Indoor Cycling?: Workout clothes (but no long/baggy pants because they can get caught in the pedals/wheels) Flat-soled workout shoes are necessary. If you have padded cycling shorts, they will increase your comfort, and cycling shoes with clips (that clip into the bike pedals) could make your workout more effective, but none of these are required to attend a Cycle Alive class.

Do I Need To Bring Anything to Indoor Cycling Class?: A water bottle is an essential item for Cycle Alive classes. (Trust us, you’ll need it!) Don’t forget a towel for all that sweat, and if you have one, a heart rate monitor to measure exercise intensity during Indoor Cycling classes. 

Cycle Alive Suggestions:

  • If you’re new to Cycle Alive, show up early!
  • Find a bike where you feel most comfortable.
  • Say “Hi!” to the instructor and let them know that you’re new. 
  • Advise your instructor if you have any medical conditions and concerns that might affect your ability to participate in the Spin class. 
  • Ask the Cycle Alive instructor to assist you in properly setting up your bike before starting the class.
  • Don’t feel the pressure to do more if you’re not comfortable doing so! Stay true to your limits and boundaries. 
  • Every instructor is unique. Give Cycle Alive a chance with a few different classes and instructors before you decide whether Indoor Cycling is for you or not.

Clip-in at Cycle Alive!

Save your bike seat at Cycle Alive! Brand-new to Cycle? Your first week is FREE! 

Sign up here for a spot in a Cycle Alive class. The pricing options are:

  • Special Single Drop-In Rate (limited time): $7
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  • Unlimited Add-On for Existing Members: $29/month
  • Unlimited Cycle Membership: $59/month

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