How to Prepare for a Hot Yoga Class: Before, During, and After

Jul 2, 2021

At Body Alive, we offer a variety of heated classes ranging from Hot Power Yoga to Hot Body Sculpt. No matter which class you decide to start with, it’s always important to come prepared! Whether it’s your first heated class or your one hundredth, there are some tips to keep in mind in order to have the best practice possible. 

Important Tips for Before 

  • Plan your outfit accordingly, dress comfortably and in non-restricting clothes. The room at Body Alive is 102° with 40% humidity, so you should be sure to wear thin clothes that leave room for your body to breathe. For women, a sports bra and shorts are ideal, and for men, simply just shorts or swim trunks. The less clothing, the less heat will be trapped in your body!
  • Drink plenty of water before. Try and skip the caffeine beforehand, seeing as it will only dehydrate you. That means wait until after the class for your morning coffee or tea, or your favorite soda. You want to sip water rather than chug, so as to not be uncomfortable during your class. 
  • Eat a nutritious snack before. Make sure this is at least 1 hour before the class begins, to allow for proper digestion. Also, ensure it’s just a snack not a meal. A good example would be a banana and peanut butter, for carbs and protein to fuel you. 
  • Prepare yourself mentally. 

Important Tips for During 

  • Stay in the hot room! When your body becomes acclimated to the heat, you’ll want to stay in the heat so as not to shock your body with temperature change. 
  • Focus only on yourself, no one else. You may feel a bit overwhelmed, either mentally or physically, and that’s okay. If the heat gets too much, don’t compare yourself to those around you, just do what is best for your body and consider going into a restorative pose for a moment, such as child’s pose. Your workout is for you and you alone!
  • Drink water whenever you feel it’s necessary. Opt for sipping rather than chugging, to avoid discomfort during your practice!

Important Tips for After

  • Have a change of clothes for after class. The outfit you wore during your practice will most likely be soaked with sweat and therefore, not very comfortable to spend much more time in. Bring some dry clothes to freshen up after.
  • Continue to hydrate! Drink plenty of water, or a drink with electrolytes, after your class to replenish what your body lost while sweating and working hard. If water sounds boring, grab some coconut water or a sports drink. Those will supply your body with the electrolytes needed for rehydration.  
  • Eat a satisfying and nutritious meal. Similar to drinking water after your class, you’ll want to have a nutritious meal to replenish your body and fuel your muscles. Make yourself a meal with a good balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, and lean protein!

In addition to reading through these tips and suggestions, look into some first-hand experiences! Read through some blogs or class reviews to get a good idea of what may be in store for your hot yoga experience. 

Something else that’s helpful is to arrive early to the studio for your class. You can meet your instructor, get answers for any questions you might have, and adjust to the heat of the studio before getting into the movements. Showing up early also allows you to pick where you want to be in the studio, whether that means the front of the class or the back.

Now it’s time to put your worries aside and get excited for the wonderful world of hot fitness!

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