How to Make the Most of An At-Home Workout with Alive Online

Sep 3, 2021

If you have days where working out at home doesn’t feel like ‘working out’, don’t sweat it. Working out with Alive Online could help you move you out of a motivation-slump, and improve your at-home workouts.

Exercising at home is an easier choice because you don’t need equipment to stay fit! All you need is your body, and good music to keep you uplifted. 

With these simple tweaks, you could make the most out of an at-home workout with Alive Online:

Create A Plan Ahead Of Your Alive Online Class

Working out at home is all about self-discipline.

Decide ahead what time fits your schedule, and be mentally prepared to attend your class. By penciling in a time for your workout, it allows you to hold yourself accountable and follow through with your workout plans! Another tip? Always make sure to get rid of any distractions when working out at home! In other words, put your phone on silent and step away from the work emails! 

Choose a workout space that works best for you. When you have a designated exercise space, you are more likely to become committed to it, resulting in a more consistent, balanced workout. 

A workout plan helps you blend exercise into your daily life and minimizes the risk of procrastination. Remember to dress like you’re going to the gym and start with stretching.

No Fancy Equipment Needed With Alive Online!

Your home workout doesn’t need to be fancy. You just need to be committed and consistent to achieve your fitness goals.

Start with a warm-up on your mat before class, it could be an easy stretch, drink some water, and then get prepared to sweat with your Alive Online instructor!

Body Alive Online offers a variety of classes that are sure to rise to your heart rate. Classes include Mat Pilates, Power Yoga, Body Fusion, Body Challenge, Cycle, Bounce, Yoga+, and Isolated Xpress sessions.

A benefit of Alive Online is that you can take breaks as you need, and you can find classes that fit your schedule. You can also add in modifications if the class is too advanced, or not advanced enough. Want to add in some extra weight? Pick up soup cans or water jugs and get ready to feel the burn. Got bands? Great! Resistance bands are an easy and effective way to take your at-home workout up a notch.

Whatever Alive Online class you take, start with confidence and don’t give up! Everyone has to start somewhere. Getting started is the first step.

Get A Better Nights Sleep To Prepare For Your Body Alive Online Class

Quality night sleep gives your body time to recover, helps to conserve energy, and repair and build up muscles. Sleep is vital to helping you get the most out of your workouts!

When the body gets enough quality sleep, it produces growth hormones and helps your body return stronger after every workout. Exercise is great for your body and mind and it can also help you fall asleep quickly and get a quality night’s sleep. 

Recent studies show that bad quality sleep or insufficient sleep can lead to lower levels of physical activity the next day. Experts believe that sleep and exercise have a bidirectional connection. In simple words, exercise and sleep should go hand in hand for better health. Good sleep may promote healthier physical activity and a good exercise routine can improve quality sleep.

Feel Fresh and Motivated with Alive Online

Now that you’ve got your workout scheduled, soup cans ready, and a good night’s rest, you’re ready to workout with Alive Online! Stay motivated and feeling your best without sacrificing your commute!

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