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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never taken a hot yoga class before, what should I know?
Most important, you need to listen to your body, and take things at your own speed. Drink lots of water prior to and during the class. Take breaks whenever you need. It can take close to five classes to acclimate to the heat, so give yourself time.
How do I register for an event or workshop?

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Can I practice hot yoga while pregnant?
As a studio we do not recommend mothers-to-be to practice in the hot room, but we do highly recommend yoga during pregnancy. Taking unheated classes with your physician’s approval is a healthy practice for your pregnancy.
What is the age minimum for classes at Body Alive?

For any Hot Yoga or Body Alive classes in the hot room, we allow ages 13-15 to attend but only with a parent in the room with them. Ages 16 and 17 can practice on their own with signed permission from parents/guardians.

Barre and Cycle Alive classes allow ages 13 and up. Students must also be 5’ 2” tall for the Cycle Alive bikes.

For Cycle Alive, do I need spinning shoes?
No, our Real Ryder bikes accommodate typical gym shoes, but you are free to wear spinning shoes as well.
What should I wear for Body Alive classes?

For Hot Yoga and Barre Alive classes wear comfortable yoga pants or shorts and comfortable tops – just nothing too baggy.

For Cycle Alive classes, wear cycling or exercise tights/shorts and top and either and either gym shoes or cycle shoes.

What do I need to bring to my class?

For all our classes make sure to have water with you. We offer bottled water for sale as well as a bottle-filling station.

For Hot Yoga and Barre classes you will need a yoga mat and towel.

For Cycle Alive classes we suggest a hand towel.

How hot is hot yoga?

Our hot studio maintains a temperature of 102 degrees with 40 percent humidity.

Our Barre and Cycle Alive studios range in temperature between 75-80 degrees.

Should I eat/drink before class and how much?

Always hydrate before any fitness activity. For classes in our hot studio we suggest an extra 32 oz of water prior to class.

Eating 1-2 hours prior to class is important for your energy level, but we suggest avoiding eating within an hour of class.

How early do I need to arrive?
For your first visit we recommend arriving 15-20 minutes prior to the class start time to fill out your waiver and get the lay of the land. For registered students we suggest arriving 10 minutes prior to class start time.
Do I need to register prior to class?

You must pre-register for all Cycle Alive classes. If you sign up prior and do not attend class you will be assessed a fee, as our Cycle Alive classes are limited in size.

For Barre Alive classes we suggest pre-registering for class, especially for evening classes.

For Hot Yoga classes you don’t need to pre-register, but we suggest it for special event classes.

Do you have shower facilities?
We have showers and dressing rooms for both men and women. We have three showers for men and six for women.
If I have an injury or medical condition how should I handle it?
With any medical condition we encourage you check with your physician before starting or continuing any fitness regimen.  If you have an injury, please let your teacher know and they will help you modify your class to make your experience safe, healthy, and enjoyable.