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Why Cycle Alive?

Cycle Alive is indoor cycling at its finest! Our state-of-the-art Schwinn AC Performance bikes are designed with every rider in mind; Beginner to Advanced. So, whether you’re saddling up for the first time, or have been riding for years, our Cycle Alive classes will help you find your edge and keep going because the only thing heavier than resistance is regret. We believe the best classes use as many major muscle groups as possible- get ready to engage your core, work your arms, and get your legs pumping for a cycle experience like no other!


What To Bring

We recommend cycling shoes, but if you do not have them, tennis shoes are great. Bring plenty of water and comfortable clothes.

Heat / Humidity

We keep the thermostat set at 72-78 degrees. We sweat a lot so bring plenty of water.

What To Expect

If you are new to cycle or new to our Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue bikes, it takes a couple of classes to get familiar with these bikes. The instructor will take you through a 45min ride and explain the bike as you ride. Our room is dark with colorful lights that and our instructors play current music mixed with an oldie every now and then.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the studio’s limited number of bikes as well as the high demand to attend cycle, students must cancel reservations at least 6 hours before a scheduled class.  If a student on a class pack cancels their reservation after the 6-hour cutoff, they will have a credit deducted from their account. If they’re on an unlimited membership, they will be charged a $10 fee.

When can I reserve a class?

Those on a Cycle Orange membership can reserve classes 2 weeks in advance, whereas Cycle class pack users are able to book 1 week before a scheduled class.

Who can take a class?

Anyone can take our classes.  The only rule is that you need to be at least 5 feet tall.  Any height under 5 feet would not allow proper setup on the bikes