• 6 Foot Rule: We will have designated lines throughout our studios. Class capacities will be limited to maintain 6 feet in distance between mats.
  • Pre-registration for each class is required.
  • Doors open 15 minutes before class time.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival at the front desk.
  • No rental items will be provided: This includes towels, mats, blocks, and props. Feel free to bring your own!
  • Follow the directional cues while in lobby: Please stand on the floor markers to maintain your 6 feet while in the lobby.
  • Face coverings are required in common area spaces and until you reach your mat in the studio.
  • Personal belongings should be placed in personal bags and brought into the classroom with you.
  • Bins will be provided upon entering the front door. Shoes must be placed in individual bins or personal bags before entering the classroom.
  • Showers will not be available for use, but if members would like to change, they now have the option to use the locker rooms.
  • Face coverings gain even more importance when using the locker rooms for changing- 100% compliance is required.
  • Each studio will have a maximum number of people allowed in each locker room. Please refer to the signs posted in the studio.
  • Even if opting for locker room changing, all items must remain with you before and during class. Locker rooms are for changing only- not item storage.
  • Exit the studio promptly when class ends: You will leave class through the side door to avoid close proximity in the lobby.
  • Members are required to exit the studio within 15 minutes of the end of class to allow enough time for the new class to enter.
  • If exiting the studio from the locker rooms, please exit from the main door. 
  • Drop shoe bins off at the door before leaving.
  • All transactions processed via email: Please limit your time in the lobby