Body Alive Greater Cincinnati:
Mat Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates focuses on strengthening and lengthening your major muscle groups. This is the perfect exercise if your goal is to have a lean, toned body. Improve your posture, balance, and flexibility, and make your body stronger through Pilates. Sign up today for our Mat Pilates classes in Greater Cincinnati.

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Stream Our Pilates Classes At Home

We use an extensive On Demand Library (over 70 new videos added each week).

Body Alive brings our highly popular Mat Pilates classes into your homes through Alive Online. Experience the excitement and energy you normally experience in our studios from the comfort of your bedroom, living room, or porch. Our live streaming pilates classes will be just as challenging and high-energy. Our instructors have the workout sequences and music covered; all you need is your exercise mat.

Register at Alive Online and sign up for our on demand online pilates classes. Prices start at $7 for one streaming pass or $36/month for unlimited use of our on demand library or our extensive live streaming schedule. (Up to 70 each week)

Intensive Muscle Training Without the Heavy Lifting

Looking for a reason to sign up for a Pilates class in Greater Cincinnati? We can give you many.

Pilates lets you experience the wonderful benefits of stretching and training your muscles to be stronger and leaner. It improves your sense of balance, strengthens the core, and makes you more aware of your body. It takes you through a series of precise motions, each targeting specific muscles in your body. Economical muscle exercises with targeted results — this is Pilates in a nutshell.

For more on how you can benefit from this popular exercise program, visit our Pilates Alive page.

Choose Your Pilates Studio

Body Alive offers Pilates classes from our studios in Kenwood, Oakley, Crestview Hills, Mason, and online at Alive Online. We chose these neighborhoods specifically for their accessible locations. Apart from these four addresses, we also offer an extensive online programs with both on-demand and live streaming options.

Sign up now for our Pilates classes in Cincinnati. If you have questions, send us a message anytime.

Kenwood Body Alive


8110 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45236 (513) 337-9830

Body Alive in Kenwood is a 2,000-square foot studio with both heated and unheated rooms, men’s and women’s lockers and showers, and a parking space out in front. It is our only studio in Cincinnati that offers Cycle classes.

Oakley Body Alive


3160 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45209 (513) 337-9830

Body Alive in Oakley is located near Oakley Square. It has spacious dance studios and hot yoga rooms, lockers and changing rooms for men and women, and a parking lot in front of the building.

Kenwood Body Alive


4700 Duke Dr. Mason, OH 45040 (513) 337-9830

The largest Body Alive studio to date. Mason features two studios, a men’s and women’s locker room including 13 total showers, unlimited parking in front of the building, and is the only BA location to offer childcare to its members.



2833 Town Center Blvd. Crestview Hills, KY 41017 (513) 337-9830

Body Alive Crestview Hills is located in the Crestview Hills Town Center among Starbucks, First Watch, Dillards, and many more. This BA location features two studios, a men’s and women’s locker room including showers in each, and parking in front and behind the building.