Bounce Your Way to Better Health

Sep 9, 2021

At Body Alive, we believe that your workout should be fun, empowering, and make you feel ALIVE, and Bounce is no exception. Think of the joy you felt jumping on a trampoline as a kid, mixed with a high-energy playlist and beat-based choreography- sounds pretty fun, right? Bounce isn’t just a blast, though. There are some pretty serious health benefits that come with this low-impact, trampoline-based cardio workout.

What is Bounce?

Bounce, also commonly known as rebounding, is an aerobic exercise featuring a mini-trampoline. Using high-quality rebounders, we practice pushing into the trampoline to create tension; resulting in anaerobic bursts to activate your metabolism all day long. Our Bounce classes are a complete body workout designed to strengthen your cardiovascular system, tone and lengthen your muscles, and assist with balance and flexibility.

Bounce works every part of your body, gets your heart sky high, and easier on your joints making it a great exercise option for people of all ages. 

Benefits of Bounce

We talked about how much fun Bounce can be, but there’s more to it than just jumping around. Rebounding has incredible health benefits! According to a recent study by NASA, rebounding workouts we’re found to be 68% more efficient than jogging when it comes to exercise. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why Bounce should be part of your weekly workout routine, if it’s not already: 

  1. It’s a full-body workout. Bounce works your entire body. Legs, glutes, core, back- you name it!
  2. It’s been noted that trampoline workouts can improve endurance and reactive jump performance.
  3. Bounce can increase bone strength. Studies have shown that those who regularly rebound have a higher bone density compared to those who don’t.
  4. Trampoline workouts have been known to stimulate the lymphatic system and flush out toxins
  5. Rebounding may help improve balance, coordination, and overall motor skills. One study showed that this was especially true for those who were recovering from an ankle sprain.
  6. Bounce is low-impact (but still high intensity), so it’s gentle on the joints and great for any age or fitness level.

Ready to have a blast bouncing to the beat? Reserve your spot on the schedule today! New to Body Alive? Get started with our intro offer!

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