First Barre Class FREE at Body Alive Mason

Body Alive Mason is open and we are excited to bring Barre Alive to your area. To celebrate this addition to the community, we are offering new students a FREE Barre class. If you are brand new to Body Alive or have not been to the studio in over 60 days, your next Barre class at Body Alive Mason is on us. Please email to register for your free class.

To celebrate the opening of our Mason location, we are offering a special founding membership.* Sign up for an Orange Membership today and receive unlimited classes for just $60 per month (an $80 per month value). Our Orange Memberships include all of the classes we offer at Body Alive Mason: Hot Power Yoga, Hot Body Sculpt, Body Fusion, and Barre.

Are you a member of a qualifying Barre studio in the Tri-state area such as Pure Barre or Barre 3? You qualify for a $50 monthly membership. Learn about our Supplemental memberships here

*Available for limited time only & for new members only (non-active member in past 90 days). To qualify, member must live or work in Warren or Butler county. 
Membership is obtained by emailing only. Monthly unlimited membership is valid for all classes offered on the schedule (excluding Cycle). Membership can be terminated at any time. Memberships are set up as a recurring monthly auto-pay charge. To ensure that you are not charged for the upcoming month, you must email a membership termination request to 72 hours before the date of your scheduled auto-pay.
Body Alive Does Not Issue Refunds.


Our Barre Alive class is a 60 minute total body workout and one of the most effective ways to change your body. Concentrating on small isometric movements, this class will make you shake and will definitely make you stronger! You’ll use the ballet barre, weights, a yoga mat, and other light equipment to strengthen every muscle in your body. Paired with short intervals of low impact cardio movements you will get everything you want from a workout class. Let our music move you and our instructors challenge you. Leave class feeling a little more alive!


What To Bring

Bring a mat, small towel, water, and comfortable clothes.  No shoes are required for this class, but you may wear socks that have a non-slip sole.

Heat / Humidity

Our barre room is kept at a nice 72º-76º F temperature with no humidity.

What To Expect

In our barre classes, students will start with a warm-up of stretches, small hand weights, and movement of the body. They will do most of their workout at the barre preforming a variety of moves to tone the entire body.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do men come to Barre class?

YES, men are welcome!  This class will have more females attending, but we do have men that attend on a regular basis.  It’s always a fun “date night”!

Is this class hard on your feet/toes?

Our barre program will have students on their toes throughout the class. Our instructors will give modification and breaks to rest the feet.  Your feet should feel alive!

I've tried Barre and my legs shake. Is that normal?

Yes, this is normal.  Since most of the work is done at the barre, the movements are very small and controlled. This is called isometric contractions.  Shaking is your body’s way of saying, I am “feeling it”!  Try to embrace the shakes. It means you are working hard.

Please visit our full schedule here.