Very exciting news! Body Alive classes are bringing a whole lot more attention to alignment – the “how” of taking care of the body while doing any of our classes – be it yoga, barre, body challenge or cycle.

This extra emphasis on alignment helps protect against strain in muscles and joints, and enhances efficiency, coordination and ease.

What exactly is Alignment?

Alignment is the foundation skill for using the whole body in a safer and more efficient manner no matter what the activity being performed.


Instead of moving with old habits that might include tension and collapse, alignment means the movements are done with deliberate care.

Most importantly, the restricting effects of poor postural habits are minimized.

There is a special focus on relaxing the neck, and lengthening the back.

Movements are then able to be “head lead” which is actually how our bodies are supposed to function. Our bodies can spend more time in a higher quality condition of ease and spaciousness, rather than tension and collapse.

Members will be able to attend classes that have a specific focus on Alignment like our “Beginner Hot Alignment” class, and also notice that more Alignment cues are being given in the other classes.