How long have you been a member at Body Alive?

I have been a member at BA for 6 years. I started as a student then slowly grew into an instructor, manager, then trainer. I loved everything BA stood for and wanted to be as involved as I possibly could.

When you’re not at Body Alive, where can we find you?

Outside of Body Alive you can find me with my German Shorthaired Pointer, Poogan. We love all things outdoorsy like hiking in the mountains, snowboarding, or just sitting on a patio outside. She is the best training partner when it comes to running and inspires me to keep moving and to never stop.

What makes you feel alive?

Someone once told me that it is a great attribute to be strong and independent, especially as a woman. However, if you were meant to go through life and do it all on your own it wouldn’t feel so amazing to have the support and community of others. That’s what it’s like at Body Alive. When you are in a packed class of people moving, sweating, and getting stronger together, it is inspiring. It’s amazing and it is when I feel the most alive.