When you’re not at Body Alive, where can we find you?

If I’m not taking a class at BA you can find me running or walking my dog at one of the many beautiful parks around the greater Cincinnati area. When the weather doesn’t cooperate I like to spend time with friends and family relaxing or doing something adventurous.

Favorite class at Body Alive?

My favorite class is Hot Power yoga, nothing beats the heat. My mind and body have become so strong since I’ve started my yogi journey, it is truly an amazing practice. However, I’m always trying new classes because they are all great and empowering.

Music that makes you feel most alive?

Honestly, any music with a good vibe. My music taste is all over the place, but I love good beat drops and meaningful lyrics.

Favorite thing about being a part of the Body Alive team?

The Body Alive vibe really speaks to my soul, nothing compares to these great workouts and even better instructors and members. We really are stronger together in this journey through life and fitness.