Why I love teaching:

I love teaching yoga and fitness because it is amazing when your students realize their own strength and what their body is capable of.    It is so empowering to see people not only achieve their goals, but to crush them. I love being a part of that.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

Anything with a good beat and some motivating lyrics.

Why I love Body Alive:  

I love Body Alive because of our sense of community.  Everyone shows up for each other and challenges you to be the best version of yourself.

Why Body Alive is a great place for beginners:

We all know how intimidating it can be the first time you walk into a fitness studio and Body Alive makes the experience so easy, there is a place for everyone.  Our instructors are continuously trained to make our classes accessible and challenging at the same time. We will work you and make you sweat but we promise you will love it and keep coming back!