Shannon C.

Why I love teaching:

As someone that has gone through a health transformation, I love to help people find their passion for fitness, and more importantly, find their love for their own strength (physically and mentally).

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

As a singer (in my other world), music is so incredibly important to me. Music has the power to change our mood, mindset, and turn our whole day around. When working out, I love when a song comes on with a great beat, high energy, and catchy lyrics that can get you into that workout mindset!

Why I love Body Alive:

I love Body Alive because it’s a safe place for anyone and everyone to work with their bodies and challenge themselves mentally and physically. We are all there to push ourselves, take care of our bodies, and to leave feeling alive.

Why is Body Alive a great place for beginners?

Every single person that walks into the studio is strong, whether they are beginners to working out or training for an Ironman. All of the instructors give different modifications and advancements, so each person can adjust to have their optimal workout.