Sarah C.

Why I love teaching:

I love teaching because I love sharing something that has so profoundly changed my life with other people. The practice of yoga has really helped shape every area of my life for the better. It has made me a better runner and kept me injury free. It has made me a better Mom by helping me learn to be in the present moment when I am with my kids. It has made me a better person by helping me to develop compassion and kindness towards myself and those around me.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I love listening to music with a thumping beat. While I like a little bit of everything, more often than not I’m the mom listening to rap music in the car line at school pick up.

Why I love Body Alive:

The thing I love most about Body Alive is that they really strive to make working out affordable and accessible to everyone. Fitness classes can be so expensive which is sad because we can all benefit mentally and physically from moving our bodies. It shouldn’t be a luxury item and at Body Alive with the $5 Community Classes and so many membership options, it truly is affordable.

Why is Body Alive a great place for beginners?

Body Alive is absolutely committed to helping the beginner in the room feel comfortable and welcome. We make it a point to help give guidance and instruction to those people just starting out. Our teachers understand what it feels like to be the beginner in the room and how overwhelming it can feel to start a new physical practice. We truly all care about helping people find a way to move their body that feels good and safe and sustainable.