Rachel F.

Why I love teaching:

One of my greatest joys is to hold space for people as they come home to themselves through movement. I love guiding people to the edge of their comfort zone and then holding up the mirror of their own power as they expand from their deepest center. I thrive on weaving intention into people’s tiniest doings – and reminding them of the absolute miracle they are along the way.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I grew up in a family of musicians – holiday meals are often spent gathered around a guitar singing some tunes. Music is in all our blood, and I believe it is a universal language. We are, quite literally, vibration – and so sound can truly transform our entire state of being. I gravitate toward soulful instrumentals, conscious lyrical ballads like those from Trevor Hall, Beautiful Chorus, and Rising Appalachia, and lowkey bangers that leave you waiting for the beat to drop.

Why I love Body Alive:  

In a world where it seems that there is something to distract or numb us at every turn, Body Alive embraces being fully present for each moment. Here, we invite you to show up as your whole self, and to explore your body’s entire range of expression as you rediscover your own capabilities, depths, and innate worthiness.