Why I love teaching:

I feel yoga creates a great balance between the mind and the body.  It helps build strength and flexibility while finding some stillness and peace in the mind. Yoga gives a person a chance to stretch and strengthen their muscles leading to a better and healthier body. Yoga allows a person to just let go and flow through poses while connecting to their breathe.  Breathe being the key component in yoga. Focusing on one’s breath allows a person to stay present thus gaining the most out of their hour yoga class. It allows a person to pause in their everyday life and redirect their focus, ultimately strengthen the mind. Over time a person can see how strong their bodies have become. I love watching a beginner progress over time, learning the poses and the correct alignment and when the “light bulb” goes off in their mind when they finally understand the importance of a pose or when they find stillness in a pose or when they finally accomplish a goal set. Teaching yoga gives me the opportunity to guide each individual through their practice which is a complete honor. They are giving me their time and energy to build something greater.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I feel music is a key component to yoga.  The vibrations of the music is what helps unify the class. The rhythm or lyrics can land on someone deepening their physical practice or taking them somewhere emotionally. Music can help motivate in many ways. It can pump you up or help slow down the heart rate.  There is also a time where silence can help ground a class. Right now Mumford and Sons is my inspiration.

Why I love Body Alive:  

I think Body Alive puts their customers first.  Always aiming to please them first while making sure their instructors are happy too.  A great working environment starts with within and the staff Body Alive has hired are fun, inspirational people that create a warm and friendly place for people to come. I feel Body Alive also makes you feel like you are a part of something greater. There is a vision. The studios are beautiful and so is the logo! I think customers appreciate all the great pricing offers.

Why Body Alive is a great place for beginners:

Body Alive is a very welcoming place where we encourage beginners to come. We make them feel comfortable right from the start by learning their name, asking questions, showing them around the studio.  During class there is always a beginner or two. I have been trained in yoga to leave everyone in their greatness so as an instructor it is extremely important to let each student shine and find their greatness whether they have to drop to a knee or modify.  Body Alive reminds students that it is what is happening on your mat that matters not what is going on around you. I also like to let beginners know that even if you modify a pose you are still gaining all the benefits of that pose. Sometimes there is no need to go deeper.  Beginners need to know that yoga is a journey – their own journey – and it starts with where they are now…..it has an endless road…..which is the fun of yoga!