Lisa M.

Why I love teaching:

I have been teaching yoga for 15 years or so. Teaching continues to take me deeper into my own practice, every single time. I also feel like I get even more benefit from the students. Each one of them has their own story and they bring that story to the mat. Whether they are open about their yoga journey or more reserved, I feel like a get a hint of each one of their individual benefits.  It warms me my heart and soul.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

Music is so subjective. I like when I recognize the songs when I am practicing. I prefer more acoustical, softer, and even ‘no words’. When I am teaching, it truly depends on the day – it varies most days! I feel like I almost always have students say to me, after class, that they like my song lists. That makes me feel good!!

Why I love Body Alive:  

I love the sense of Community at Body Alive. I am fortunate to be able to travel often, for work. I always try to take a class or two when I am on the road, so I get a good sense of what other studios offer. Our studio space is beautiful and the classes are well attended. I am grateful for being a part of this community and that so many people that may never have given yoga a chance, have found a ‘home-base’ here.

Why Body Alive is a great place for beginners:

There are so many offerings and the services and space are quiet accommodating. Each of the teachers take the time to connect with beginners, too.  Those first few hot yoga classes can be a bit intimidating, but I feel like we do a wonderful job paying special attention, without being overwhelming to beginners.