Why I love teaching:

Holy cow. I am in love with teaching because this is what brings me LIFE. The setting for these classes feels insanely tribal and satisfying as it units people together through movement, music, the desire to sweat, and good vibes. I feel fiery just thinking about it.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

Anything that makes me full body head bang or has a big ole’ juicy bass. LET’S GOOO!

Why I love Body Alive:

I love Body Alive because it is so unique. You have several different workouts under one roof. On top of that, there is some sort of electric energy that makes you feel like you’re part of some vibrating magical community as soon as you get into it… Obsessed.

Why is Body Alive a great place for beginners?

Each instructor at Body Alive understands classes are meant to be accessible for all levels. It is our challenge to teach to both folks who have never taken a class and folks who have been coming for years using our choreography, human connection, energy, and loving kindness to help you get what you need out of what we offer in each class. We love you!