Katie K.

Why I love teaching:

The high energy atmosphere of Body Fusion never ceases to amaze me. The students come to GET IT DONE and are so inspiring each and every moment in this 60 minute cardio/strength butt kicking class. Combining both strength and cardio into one workout makes Body Fusion one of (if it’s not the BEST- I’m a little biased) sweat sesh at Body Alive! My motivating words come from what I see in my classes and in Body Fusion, I see students push themselves to that next level and bring out their inner strength right then and there on the mat.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

Currently anything by Rita Ora- love her music for yoga and just love her vibe right now!

Why I love Body Alive:  

This is a tough one because there are so many reasons I love Body Alive. My co-workers, our clients, the classes, etc. But I think what I love most about Body Alive is how it makes me feel and more importantly how it makes others feel. To come work for a place where it so clearly brings joy to others and just makes people feel good about themselves is truly remarkable; I would say 80% of the population can’t say they love their job or that they feel like their job has a purpose or meaning but I FINALLY feel like mine does. I have been searching for a job like this for quite some time and I am ever so grateful that I have found it. Heart emoji, heart emoji, heart emoji 🙂