Why I love teaching:

I absolutely adore teaching cycle because of the challenge that it offers. There is nothing quite like collectively conquering the “biggest hill of the day” and the pure, unabashed satisfaction that follows the “last working song”. In those moments of intense difficulty, we- both student and instructor alike- discover (and rediscover) our strength.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

The music that makes me feel most alive is anything with a heavy beat that builds until it pushes you over the edge…. and throwbacks because who doesn’t enjoy some 90’s jams?!

Why I love Body Alive:  

I could write a novel on why I love BA; however, the most significant reason is because it is a place where every single person comes to create personal change and growth. Body Alive is so much more than a fitness studio; it’s a giant, sweaty family composed of incredible members.