Why I love teaching:

I love teaching because I get to create a space where anyone can come and doing something amazing for themselves.  I love being able to share the amazing Body Alive community and experience with others, all in the hopes that they get to walk out the door feeling more alive and connected with themselves than when they walked in.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I love any songs with a good beat or a good sing-along!  Nothing is better than being able to get lost in the music during a hard class.  Makes it even more fun!


Why I love Body Alive:  

I love Body Alive for the community it creates for so many of us.  When you walk in the door, you are immediately surrounded by an empowering, supportive and non-judgmental community to help you work towards the best version of yourself.

How yoga and fitness have changed my life:

A long time ago fitness really became an outlet and escape for me, unlike anything I had experienced before.  Every day I get to set aside the rest of the world and focus on myself that makes me feel amazing mentally and physically, and because of that it really has become a necessity in my life!