Why I love teaching:

When I started teaching yoga I would get nervous speaking in front of people and never thought I would make it through my first class. As I got more comfortable in yoga (then pilates and barre) I started to pull out this personality I never knew I had. Through teaching, I am able to create a space where I can be 100% myself while getting to share what I love with other people. On top of everything teaching does for me I also LOVE getting to motivate and inspire others to be the best selves they can be!

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I feel most ALIVE through music that has a great beat. You can catch me in all my class dancing it out to the music on my mat! 

Why I love Body Alive:

There is something special about the Body Alive community from the members to the instructors and everyone in between. It’s a space where you can be yourself and know that everyone here is in your corner pushing you to be the best self you can be. Body Alive has given me a piece of myself I didn’t know I was missing. And of course always reminds me to embrace the silly side of life and when in doubt dance it out!